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Thank you, Jack

Notes from "A Celebration of the Life of Jacob T. Schwartz" at NYU on Friday 27 March 2009 A few notes that I took during the celebration. These notes are expected to be read along with scanned image of the program, included as a PDF file. Jack's widow Diana added some comments to my notes, which are included in italics with the prefix "DS". The program takes the form of a SETL program . DS: I put this together in tribute to SETL. I think he would have loved it. The MC was Ed Schonberg. There was a brief greeting by the head of Courant. DS: I asked Ed to be the MC since he coordinated Jack's 70th birthday festschrift. Marian McPartland performed two pieces on the piano. She clearly knew and cared for Jack and Ed. DS: I came to NY 35 years ago with a scholarship to study jazz piano with Marian. She and I quickly became friends and have been close friends for many years. When I married Jack she instantly was drawn to him and they used to have the mo