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Waiting for the File Server

Well, I now have four different UNIX machines and I've been doing sysadmin tasks on all of them.  As a result I now have four home directories that are out of sync. How annoying. Ultimately I plan to create a file server on one of my machines and provide the same home directory on all of them, but I haven't done that yet, so I need some temporary crutches to tide me over until I get the file server built. In particular, I need to find out what is where. The first thing I did was establish trust among the machines, making flapjack, the oldest, into the 'master' trusted by the others.  This I did by creating an SSH private key using ssh-keygen  on the master and putting the matching public key in .ssh/authorized_keys on the other machines. Then I decided to automate the discovery of what directories were on which machine.  This is made easier because of my personal trick for organizing files, namely to have a set of top level subdirectories named org/ , people/ , and pr