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2012 Five Borough Bike Tour - 6 May 2012

Last year I rode in the 2011 Five Borough Bike Tour and blogged about it.  The photo service that took pictures of riders got three very good pictures of me, which I purchased and published on my Picasa page , suitable for blackmailing me in the future :-). I rode again in 2012 with the BronxWorks team (Tamara [unofficial captain], Jane, Declan, Julio, Josh, Cristina, and me).  We raised money for BronxWorks, a wonderful settlement house in the Bronx that runs programs to support homeless families with children.  Several of the riders on the BronxWorks team  volunteer in programs at the organization's facilities in the Bronx.  All of the riders raised money to support the organization's activities, including me . [caption id="attachment_419" align="aligncenter" width="300"] (left to right) Marc, Tamara, Jane, Declan, Julio, Josh, and Cristina.[/caption] This year's ride was on Sunday 6 May 2012.  The weather was cool and overcast in the morn