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The Kindle Update

So 2011 represents my second year of Kindle use, and it's been quite an eventful year. In 2011 I adopted a policy of not buying dead-tree books any more. And, while I had intended to sustain my use of the Nook, it didn't really work out and I'm not even sure where my Nook is any more. I still like the Nook's business model better than the Kindle's, but my momentum is with the Kindle. I bought 60 books for the Kindle in 2011 and, as before, read some but not all. I have been reading my Kindle library on a wide range of devices: on my Kindle, of course, as well as on Kindle software for our iPad, our two Android tablets, my Android cellphone, my wife's iPhone, on all of our Macs, and on the Chrome browser. This really makes it much more attractive for me to continue to acquire books for the Kindle than for any other medium because my library is available to essentially any device I end up using. Title Author Read Fight Club: A Novel Palahniuk, Chuck Yes Loyal Char